Our core strategy is guided by our Strategic Star, showcased below. The Strategic Star guides all our initiatives and interventions, by illuminating the path leading us to our high-level goals and objectives. Furthermore, the star’s geometry carries significance; whereby the intersections of the side indicate the degree of intersection between each of our areas of strategic focus. Lastly, each area of focus can form an independent area of work through the vertices of the star.    

Access to Infrastructure

 At JOIN Fincubator, we believe that the utilization of any developed digital financial infrastructure is critical for the modernization of Jordan’s digital financial services landscape, increasing the value of investments in centralized infrastructure and reducing the duplication of efforts all while promoting interoperability. Bearing in mind the value gained by all financial institutions from such access to infrastructure, we believe in extending the value to fintech innovators and entrepreneurs.  At JOIN Fincubator, we work towards acquiring critical platforms, systems, and data, that may be inaccessible to individuals or entities alone. All our participants are granted access to our digital financial infrastructure to accelerate and enable their fintech product and service developments.  

Access to Expertise

 At JOIN Fincubator, we capitalize on our network across the public and private sectors in Jordan and the international community to facilitate access to expertise and knowledge for all participants. 

Access to Partnerships

At JOIN Fincubator, we champion direct interactions and engagements between different types of entities, to facilitate access to strategic partnerships with several different institutions, such as banks and financial institutions, global financial innovation organizations, local and international accelerators/incubators, and academic institutions and think tanks. This allows our participants to strengthen their capacity and raise their visibility while making vital connections and collaborations that could turn into long-term relationships. 

Access to Markets

We believe that markets are the only true test of a business. While we offer the tools to predict the success of such factors better, the reality is that success can only be achieved in the real market. When it comes to the local market, we facilitate the interaction of our innovators with industry representatives to assist them in capturing opportunities and scaling for success. As for access to regional and international markets, we collaborate closely with other fintech enablers across the region to offer our cohorts the opportunity to export their innovative products and services. This way, we ensure entry barriers to critical markets are broken down, and we limit the exportation of Jordanian talent. 

Access to Finance

Through our connections in the banking and investment world, we provide our innovators with a platform where they can meet potential investors and venture capitalists who might be interested in their products and services. Through our Mentorship Program and Expert Services, we help all our participants to prepare robust business plans that they can confidently pitch to secure funding.