JOIN for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

JOIN for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

At JOIN Fincubator, we believe that start-ups are the vehicles for change in society and have a crucial role to play in order to achieve digital transformation. Therefore, our programs are tailor-made for innovative technology-driven start-ups and entrepreneurs who need development tools, a testing environment, guidance on regulatory requirements, and support in the standardization and development of access tools and instruments to better plan, expand, and test their fintech solutions.

Through our various entrepreneur and start-up-focused programs, we ensure that our strategic motivations are met by assisting these start-ups and entrepreneurs in introducing their products and services to the market and or scaling their businesses through sales and investments. This enhances their exposure within the local, regional, and international markets, and allows them to compete amongst key players, which in turn increases the market demand for their innovations. 

In addition, one of the key areas we focus on is promoting knowledge exchange between start-ups and the Central Bank of Jordan in its capacity as the regulator, by hosting and collaborating with the fintech regulatory sandbox The Jordan Regulatory Sandbox (JO REG BOX) which has a direct presence in our Fincubator, providing participants with a real experimental environment that is safe, controlled, monitored, and equipped with a methodology based on risk management, allowing them to test fintech products and services within clear parameters and with the highest degree of transparency, streamlining the regulatory and certification processes. 

The outcomes of our start-up and entrepreneur-focused programs include enhancing the accessibility and the usage of digital financial services through market-ready fintech solutions that utilize Jordan’s digital financial infrastructure, thus increasing the agility, interoperability, and innovation opportunities outside of incumbent institutions. Furthermore, our programs work on increasing the market collaboration with specialized fintech start-ups and effectively connecting key market players with each other, generating investor interest and potential funding opportunities. 

The intended outputs from the implementation of our start-up and entrepreneur-focused programs involve market-ready fintech solutions and services that are created by taking full advantage of Jordan’s solid digital financial infrastructure and are market-fit and ready to be used by end users, therefore increasing the uptake of fintech services in Jordan. In addition, our matchmaking processes involving start-ups with potential grantees and investors contribute to limiting the exportation of Jordanian talents. 

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