JOIN for Students

JOIN for Students

The academic sector, being the custodian of tomorrow’s leaders and innovators, undoubtedly plays a vital role in Jordan’s modernization and digitalization journey. As such, we strive to support the journey of students and academic institutions and embolden their imagination to expand the boundaries of Jordan’s fintech ecosystem.

At JOIN Fincubator, our motivations lie in increasing the collaboration between academia and the market by increasing research on fintech and innovative finance. In doing so, we wish to shed light on Jordan’s pool of talent, enhance the knowledge and capacity of students in the practical fintech ecosystem, and reduce the barriers facing academic institutions in providing effective and interactive learning opportunities.

The outcomes of our diverse programs and initiatives targeting students and academic institutions include an increase in the research on technology and fintech that are closely aligned with market needs and demands. Further, we hope to see an increase in reliance on said research for the development of products and services. Last, but certainly not least, our programs wish to improve opportunities and talents within Jordan’s students, in preparation for their debut into the professional and fintech world.

The intended outputs for JOIN’s programs targeting students and academic institutions include fintech products and services built and developed by students, which can hold the potential to be spun off into their own start-ups, research products on fintech and innovation factoring in market input, and most importantly students with desirable experience and skills in fintech and innovation.

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