JOIN for Financial Institutions

JOIN for Financial Institutions

At JOIN Fincubator, we believe that our aspirations for a digital Jordanian economy are impossible to achieve without the efforts of our financial institutions. Indeed, financial institutions in Jordan share the credit for some of the country’s most successful strides in modernizing financial services, enhancing access to services, and creating the ecosystem through which fintech is poised to thrive. JOIN Fincubator aims to take this further, in collaboration with progressive financial institutions, driven by technology to maintain competitiveness across global markets and further increase access to services through innovation and cost reduction. 

Through our various programs and initiatives targeting financial institutions, we aim to enhance and build on the knowledge and skill present at financial institutions across the various emerging trends and developments in the global financial ecosystem, thereby strengthening the competitiveness and attractiveness of Jordan’s fintech and overall financial sector. Furthermore, our programs strive towards increasing the diversity of digital financial products and services in the local market and increasing the collaborations and partnerships between incumbent financial institutions and fintech innovators.

The outcomes of our programs and initiatives include increasing the usage of digital financial services, as well as the innovative products and services offered to end-users by financial institutions, all while reducing the costs associated with accessing digital financial services and increasing the interoperability between different products and services in the local market. Through our programs, we aim to witness the deployment of open banking services through the availability and utilization of API Services by financial institutions.

The intended outputs of our programs and initiatives include the endorsement and implementation of future-looking fintech and innovation strategies by incumbent financial institutions, compliance with and sustainable implementation of Open Banking regulations and standards, and product and services prototypes which can be used to offer new products and services to clients of financial institutions.


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