JOIN for Investors and Grant Makers

JOIN for Investors and Grant Makers

At JOIN Fincubator, we believe that the importance of investors in a start-up is vital when it comes to accelerating the growth of a company. Accordingly, our investor-focused programs are custom-made for innovative technology-driven individuals, companies, and venture capitalists with an appetite for supporting the development and adoption of unique fintech solutions that can be tested, validated, and then promoted in the Jordanian market. We aim to attract more fintech investments to Jordan by increasing the trust and avidity of investors in local fintech start-ups, and maintaining fruitful relationships with these grant makers by providing them with attractive investment and grant opportunities, all while helping fintech start-ups meet their investment needs.

With our commitment to empowering start-ups and entrepreneurs, our investor-focused programs are curated in a way that enables fintech start-ups to attract the attention of investors, through accelerated innovation development, done via open lines of communication with the investors themselves in both local and international markets. This way, we provide investors with the unique opportunity to invest in fintech start-ups that spark their interest, hold great potential, and most importantly meet their investment goals. 

  The expected outcomes of our investor-focused programs, include facilitating a basket of different financing instruments for fintech start-ups which ease their journey towards scaling for their products in the local market, and in turn providing investors with direct access and interaction with investment-worthy start-ups and entrepreneurs that align with their objectives. 

The intended outputs of our investor -focused programs will result in partnerships between fintech start-ups and grant makers which can lead to funding and investments from ideal investors to worthy fintech start-ups, thus a sustained and reliable new pool of diversified and vetted investors injecting liquidity into the Jordanian economy and empowering Jordanian talents. 

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